32 Lessons and Exercises



Lesson 1:      The Alphabet (Pronounciation and Writing)

                       Special features of the Arabic Alphabet.


Lesson 2:      Weak Letters, Sun Letters, Moon Letters,

                       Separate Letters, Connected Letters.

                       How to connect the letters?


Lesson 3:      Rules of Connecting the Letters.

                       Writing the Alphabet: Manual variations.


Lesson 4:      Weak Letters.

                       Auxiliary Signs/ Long & Short Vowels.

                       The Alif : Maqsourah, Mamdoudah .

                       The Hamzah, Variation of writing the Hamzah


Lesson 5:      Singular Masculine, Singular Feminine.

                       Definite and Indefinite Nouns.

                       Definite Nouns: with the Definite Article, with Genetive Relation, Names, Pronouns, Demonstrative Nouns and Relative Nouns


Lesson 6:      Equational Sentence/ Nominal Sentence.

                       Subject & Predicate: Agreement in Number & Gender.

                       Types of Nominal Sentences.


Lesson 7:      Pronouns: Separate & Connected

                       Pronouns with the Noun.

                       Pronouns in Nominative, Accusative and Genetive.

                       Pronouns Connected to Verbs and to Nouns.

                       Gramatical position of Pronouns.  


Lesson 8:         The Perfect Tense, The Bare ROOT of the Verb.

                          Pronouns connected to the Perfect Tense.

                          Types of Root Verb:

                                      Mahmouz: Hamzah in either character of the verb.

                                      Weak:        A) Mithaal: 1st Letter Weak.

                                                         B) Hollow: 2nd (middle) is Weak.

                                                         C) Mithaal: 3rd (final) is Weak.

                                      Mudaaf: 2nd and 3rd letters are the same assimilated

                                                          In Shaddah.

                                      Salim : Sound/strong Verb , is neither of the above.


Lesson 9:            Conjugation of the Perfect Tense:

                                      , , , ,

                             Transitive and Intransitive Verbs.

                             Nouns in Nominative, Accusative and Genetive cases.


Lesson 10:            Writing of the Hamzah and its conditions.


Lesson 11:          kaan and its Sisters.( )

                             kaan and its Sisters with the Nominal Sentence.

                             Conjugation of Kaan and its Sisters.

                             Kaan and its Sisters with dual, Plural masculine & Fem.


Lesson 12:          Inna and its Sisters( )

                             With the Nominal Sentence

                             With dual and Masculine and Feminine Plural.


Lesson 13:          Prepositions

                             Auxiliary Signs in Genetive: Singular, Dual and Plural.

                             Genetive Construction.

                             Adverbs of Time and Place.


Lesson 14:          The Five Nouns.( , , , , )

                             The Five Nouns in Nominative, Accusative and Genetive.

                             Relative Pronouns.

                             Demonstrative Pronouns.


Lesson 15:          The Imperfect Verb, Conjugation in Indicative mode.

                             The Five Verbs.

                             The Imperfect in Indicative, Subjuctive and Jussive.

                             Articles of Subjuctiveness and Jussiveness.

                             The Imperfect verb with Hidden .( )

                             Articles which put 1 verb and 2 verbs in Jussive mode.


Lesson 16:          Conjugating the Imperfect Verb.

                             Suffix Pronouns with the Imperfect Verb.

                             Conjugating , in Imperfect Verbs.

                             Conjugating in Imperfect Verbs.


Lesson 17:          Conjugating in

                                       Imperfect Tense: Indicative, Subjunctive and Jussive.


Lesson 18:          Active and Passive Voice.

                             Subject of the Predicate.

                             Passive Voice in , , , ,


Lesson 19:          Forms of the Verb

, , , , , , ,                                                 

, , , , .                                                                                


Lesson 20:          Forms of the Verb in   , , , ,

                             Derived Active and Passive Participles

                             Forms of the Verb : The Infinitive -  


Lesson 21:          Forms of the Verb in Passive Voice.


Lesson 22:          Imperative Verb

                             Forming the Imperative from:


                             Forming the Imperative from:




Lesson 23:          Nouns derived from:

                             Nouns derived from:

                             Active Participle, Passive Participle and Infinitive

                                      Derived from


          . Lesson 24:         





Lesson 25:          Patterns of Exaggeration And Diminutives


Lesson 26:          Elative, Adverbs of Time, Adverbs of Place

                             , .


Lesson 27:        Diptotes


Lesson 28:          Exceptives

                             Exceptive Particle

                             Exceptive Particles: , ,


Lesson 29:          Accusative of Specification & Comparison

                             Numerals : Cardinal & Ordinal numbers.


Lesson 30:          The Accusative


                             Cognate Accusative

                             Adverbial Qualification of Purpose          ( )



Lesson 31:          Nisbah,



Lesson 32:          Review of Gramatical and Lexical structures.